The younger the more dangerous!

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غيـــــــر مـــتوفرة

Fadia فاديا

تزوّجت بعمر الـ15سنة وبعد إجهاض طفلها الأوّل أقدمت عالإنتحار.

سبب التزويج المبكر: أهلا زوجوها بسبب الفقر والقلّة.
Got married at 15, committed suicide after aborting her first child.

Reason for child marriage: Poverty and dire circumstances pushed her parents to marry her off.
انقذ/ي الضحية التالية و وقّع/ي العريضة
Sign the petition to save the next victim
انقذ/ي الضحية التالية و وقّع/ي العريضة .
The intent of this website is to raise awareness
about the dangers of early marriage.

احترامًا للضحايا، حافظنا على قصصهنّ وبدّلنا أسماءهنّ وصورهنّ.
Out of respect for the victims their pictures and names
were changed but their stories were kept the same.