The younger the more dangerous!

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غيـــــــر مـــتوفرة

Maria ماريا

تزوجت بعمر الـ١٧سنة وتعرّضت لعنف نفسي وخيانة من قبل زوجا وبتعاني من أمراض تناسلية ومحبوسة ببيت أهلا.

سبب التزويج المبكر: أهلا زوجوها ليستّروا عليها.
Got Married at 17, was abused, and cheated on. She suffers from various STDs and is currently locked up at her parent’s house.

Reason for child marriage: She was forced to marry by her parents in order to protect her honor.  
انقذ/ي الضحية التالية و وقّع/ي العريضة
Sign the petition to save the next victim
انقذ/ي الضحية التالية و وقّع/ي العريضة .
The intent of this website is to raise awareness
about the dangers of early marriage.

احترامًا للضحايا، حافظنا على قصصهنّ وبدّلنا أسماءهنّ وصورهنّ.
Out of respect for the victims their pictures and names
were changed but their stories were kept the same.